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I've traveled the world most of my life and feel pretty fortunate to have done so and collected countless images and memories moments I'll never forget.

But I'm not done yet.  Not by a long shot.

In A Gilded Girl Collection through words and design I can touch on the wit and personality of these fabulous cities. Attempting to capture beyond the iconic tourist spots, to what may cause someone to say, "Ah, brilliant!" or "I remember that!"  You fill in your own opinion.

So, here I go in my little artist studio surrounded by my wonderful memories and momentos of my travels from the sand in a tiny glass bottle off the beaches of Deuville to fragments of wood collected from the tree overhanging the final resting place of Karen Blixen in Denmark; one of my favorite writers.  So I am sending out into the great big world my heart and love for all these cities and their people.

Find your pearl.

XO. Gaby

Designer Gaby Juergens

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