Meet Gaby

Designer Gaby Juergens

Newport first captured my heart back in 2001 and I have been coming back ever since and in May 2015 I finally made the move permanent to zip code 02840.


I can't tell you how many times I have visited and researched the history of these glorious summer cottages and the people that lived in them, sometimes for only 2-3 weeks in a year. But in that brief time they made Newport the quintessential gilded age destination for the "Season."


Here in Newport it is a bit of a time capsule recalling an age that Edith Wharton wrote about, who also lived in Newport for a time, she captured it all in her novels like  "Age of Innocence."  She would also go on to write the story of the women of this Gilded Age that crossed the ocean to become English and European royalty, they were known as "The Buccaneers" another one of Wharton's books.


Women of affluence in the Gilded Age were powerful in their own right among the elite cadre that made up Newport society; none more so than Alva Vanderbilt-Belmont. Now, there was a girl who might have been short in stature, but she ruled this town with a velvet glove that shielded a powerful weapon: her approval into Newport Society.


I created Gilded Age Girl™ inspired by my new home and its history and I wanted to showcase in my designs with fun and memorable words to take with you or sport in style while visiting our beautiful sea jewel.


-Love, Gaby